Radical Self Love

I have been interested in a woman by the name of Gala Darling. She gave a TED talk on the need for women to indulge in radical self-love. She keeps a great blog with ideas to get one going if you aren’t really good at tuning in to your own needs. As someone who has spent a lot of time ignoring my own needs, inspiration can be everything.

I have to say that this action is inspired from my Shared Circle of Enlightenment yesterday. My psychic friend mentioned that I am not too kind to myself and needed to take some extra measures in self-care. Again, I am not the call 1-900 psychic for everything type of girl…but I do feel like the Universe is knocking.

Today, I woke up in a great mood. I had a great night of sleep and had thought about some things that I wanted to get done. As I got up to go to the bathroom, I slipped and fell on the bedroom floor. Face first with a cat sniffing my head, I let out a little cackle. My bones were already aching and I didn’t really need this additional soreness, but imagining how funny I must have looked on during the downfall made me smile. Sometimes you just have to laugh it off.

I have two pen pal angels who send me goodies regularly. They just got my name from some service that knew I was getting chemo, and they just started sending me things. Notes, goodies, candies… The packages always come at the best times. I am so indebted to these kind individuals who do these things for others. It makes such a difference in my day. Anyway, both of them sent me bath and foot spa supplies.

I decided to soak in the bathtub. My bathtub is not the best. I had some drainage issues and cleanliness issues that I had already taken care of, but I hadn’t taken a bath since July due to various surgeries and scraps. Although I have been cleared to be immersed for a month or more, it is the first time I had done it. The heat of the water and the smell of the lavender were very calming and soothing. I soaked my baldhead, and it felt interesting. I exfoliated and cleansed… I really enjoyed it. Yes, showers are fun and fast…but a bath is a treat!

I continued on to have lunch at one of my favorite places. It is a Middle Eastern food place. The food is super healthy, tasty, and cheap. My favorite drink there is a freshly squeezed mint lemonade. Yummy! Filled with good food, I went to a craft store to look at art supplies. I really don’t have money for the kind of Christmas presents that I would like to give, so I am trying to make them. I get nervous with these kind of presents because you do the best that you can, but they can still look like crap. I am a little old for a second grade art project gift. Still, don’t your real friends and family just want an expression of love from you?

As I sorted through the art supplies, I felt my energy evaporate from me. I had hoped to go grocery shopping today, but I quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen. This is probably one of the more difficult days after chemo…the 3rd and 4th one. On some level, I feel okay but the bones are really achy and sometimes you just get really tired for no reason.

I stayed kind to myself. Got out as soon as I could, made it to a little grocery store so I had enough food for the night and made it back home. It is now 6:50pm and I feel like I could go to sleep because I had a full day. I could get depressed about it, but I know I will feel better tomorrow.

When I do, we’ll work on another step of radical self-love.