God Wants You To Know

I am connected to this link on Facebook for an app called, “God wants you to know.” A friend of mine use to get it linked to his cell phone. Mine is only connected to Facebook, so I only see it part of the time. I don’t have a smartphone, so it is when ever I just happen to think about it.

Today’s message seems very significant for me:

“Today, Mimi, we believe God wants you to know that shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow. There is no need for you to go it alone. There are people who love you, and who are ready to give you much needed support. There are even more, – way more than you can possibly imagine, people who CAN love you if you give them a chance. Make ‘share joy, half the sorrow’ your motto for today.”

It has been a cold and rainy day today. Yesterday my bones ached so bad that I stayed in bed for the most part. Today, they still ache, but I am so bored. I can understand why some people still work. Even though I hurt, the boredom can kill.

I have been surfing the web looking for cancer support websites, freebies, etc. Sometimes looking up cancer support resources can make situations worse. I post on discussion boards, but often I get no responses or the other responders are significantly older. It makes you wonder if anyone gets it.

Some of my other friends and family are almost too worried. Yes, I have cancer. No, I am not dying….at least that I know of. I am not hunched over a toilet. I am capable of some housework. It isn’t super bad, but it isn’t great either. There is a balance that is missing.

As a single person going through this, some may say that it is easier. I don’t have to worry about a spouse or kids. At the same time, I often don’t have them as distractions from this cancer blur. I look at my animals and wonder if they are even getting sick of me.

So, this little message means something to me. People know I am out here. People do care. Learning to accept the love is something that has always been difficult, but I desperately need to try it. I think it is really about releasing any judgment and just being grateful for what appears.

I need to remember that someone reaching out to help isn’t expecting something in return. They are loving me because they feel love.  In the Daily Love today, Mastin Kipp talks about how several people feel like they have to prove their love. He offers the following, “Love is not asking us to prove our worth, but to accept it.”

Accept that I am worthy of this attention. Accept that I am worthy of interest and understanding. I am worthy of great things happening to me.

In the end, just believe: I am worth it.